Plenny shake vegan

Produced in Netherlands by Jimmyjoy


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Per Serving $1.37 $1.37
Per Day $6.84 $6.84
Per Month $208.07 $208.07
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Nutrition Facts per serving

Number Ratio
Kcal 400
Protein 26.00 28%
Carbs 47.00 51%
Fat 9.10 21%


Not Gluten Free
Lactose Free


Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Vegetarians


United States
Rest of World


Subscription Available
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Team's Notes

This product is available in different flavors: Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Neutral. Keep in mind there is a slight difference in terms of macros between the flavors. In the near future we will split the flavors to their own product. If it's been a while you saw this message and we still didn't do shit about it, feel free to insult us by email: This product can be shipped to US but the order needs to be placed through the following url: